01 Communication and Goals

We establish a high level of communication through phone, email, text, carrier pigeon.  Magnified Designs reviews your request and your goals and we repeat them back to you to make sure that we understand exactly what it is you want.  Actively listening, taking notes, and ensuring we capture what you are saying, and what you are not saying is highly important and that’s what its number 1 in our process.

02 Define

Define the goals of your project, set a timeline, and then meet or exceed those goals.  90% of the time we spend waiting for on our clients, yeah that fast.

Define your goals

03 Design

Kicking into high gear, we work on designing your brand, your identity, your flyer, whatever it may be.  Expect amazing work.

04 Develop

When it comes to websites, developing, coding, and implementing; happens after the initial design stage when it comes to websites.


05 Test and Deploy

Backing up, testing, and launching the site all come at the end, and then we analyze and tweak some more to make sure it’s perfect.