About Magnified Designs

Founded in 2005 Magnified Designs is a boutique firm that

takes on the right projects for the right clients.

Finding the right design and marketing firm is no simple task.  In our case, we’re highly selective about the projects we take on and the people we work with.  Because of this, we have a great success rate when it comes to helping our clients meet and exceed their goals.

Before you start a project, have a clear goal in mind, a clear timeline, and a good idea of budget.  This will ensure the best success.

The Numbers

There is really only one number that counts.
Are you happy with the service?


Years Experience

It’s our thing.


Projects Completed

Lots of work for happy customers.


Satisfaction Rate

Small Batch Design for Small Batch Companies


Satisfied Clients

When you are selective in your clients, you have happy clients.  Personality matters, we want to make sure we fit with your process.